How can I change my dental office?

We can mail you a selection form or you may call Blue Care Dental at 1-866-431-1594 and follow the prompts to change it by phone. Have your member ID # (beginning with 825) available before calling.  Click here to access form.

How can I add my child/spouse as a dependent who would be eligible for benefits?

You can mail or email a copy of the birth certificate for child dependents and copy of marriage certificate to add spouse along with a letter stating who you would like to add. The letter must include the member’s full name, ID# or last four of the Social Security Number.

Email:    or

Mailing Address:   SEIU Local 1 & Participating Employers Health Trust
Attn:   Member Services
111 E. Wacker Drive,  17th Floor
Chicago, IL 60601

Is this insurance plan a PPO or HMO?

This Plan is an HMO plan managed by Union Health Services (UHS).  All services must be provided or referred by a Union Health Services physician.

Why does the BCBS insurance card have PPO on it?

The PPO logo that appears on your BCBS ID card is required by BlueCross BlueShield (who issues the card). This card is to be used in emergency situations only. If you have any questions about your benefits or when the use of this card is appropriate, please call the Fund Office at (312) 233-8888 to have your questions answered.

How do I change my beneficiary designation for the death benefit?

The death benefit is only payable to your beneficiary if you are actively employed at the time of your death (does not apply to retirees).  You may change your beneficiary designation by completing a Death Benefit Beneficiary Form and returning it to the Fund Office.  Click here to access form.