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The SEIU Local 1 & Participating Employers Pension Trust is a defined benefit plan which was established in 1969 to provide retirement benefits to participants and their eligible survivors. Your employer, who has entered into a collective bargaining agreement with the Union, pays the entire cost of your pension benefit, which is in addition to the benefits you will receive from Social Security and individual savings.

The main features of the Plan, including the types of pension benefit and forms of payment, are described in the Summary Plan Description which can be accessed on this site. Any changes or improvements in benefits are listed in the Summary of Material Modification, which can also be found under the “Benefit Information” section of this site.

You or your beneficiaries must apply for your pension benefits with a written application. You must first notify your employer of your intended retirement date. The Fund Office can give you information on the different forms of pension payment available to you.

Contact the Pension Department at (312) 233-8877 with any questions you may have.

Reminder – to receive your benefit you must make a written claim for it

If you are vested and leave Covered Employment for any reason, be sure to notify the Fund Office as soon as possible and keep your mailing address current.

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