Your health care is provided by Union Health Service, Inc. (UHS).

During the 1950’s, union members were asked to forego part of their wage increases to establish a building fund. The trustees, knowing the value of owning versus renting, built their own outpatient medical facility in the midst of what is now known as the Illinois Medical Center District – centrally located with convenient public transportation and enough land to assure free parking for the participants. Over the years, satellite offices have been added to provide “close to home” routine health exams and primary care medical services.

For UHS and the SEIU Local 1 & Participating Employers Health Trust, “wellness” and preventive medicine were being practiced well before these theories became trendy and central to many “managed care” programs.

Medical services at UHS are provided by a group of doctors, including specialists in the major fields of medicine and surgery who work as a team, supported by a staff of technical and nursing personnel.

The main purpose of your Plan is to keep you and your family healthy. When you first become covered, you are encouraged to make an appointment at a UHS Center for yourself and each of your dependents for a physical examination and medical history.

This is a good opportunity to become familiar with UHS Center facilities, staff, and your own personal doctor. It gives you the chance to ask questions about regular check-ups and other preventive measures that will help keep you in good health. It also enables UHS doctors to start a medical history for each family member.

For a complete list of the services provided by UHS please refer to your Summary Plan Description which can be found on this site.

For more information regarding Union Health Service locations and physicians’ profiles, go to

To make an appointment:

  • Contact UHS at (312) 423-4200. There is an automated operator who will connect you with the center or department you want to use. The UHS Member Service Department will check your eligibility for UHS coverage.
  • Have the following information available:
    1. Your name
    2. Social Security Number or alternate/unique I.D. number
    3. Home address and telephone number
    4. Local number and employer
    5. Date of birth
    6. Personal chart number (if this is not your first visit at UHS)