Your prescription drug program is administered by OptumRx. You may take your UHS prescription to the pharmacy at the UHS Polk Street facility or any other pharmacy in the network. When your covered prescriptions are filled under this program, you share a portion of the cost; the plan pays for the rest. Your costs for the program are as follows:

Retail Pharmacy:

Up to 30-day supply

Generic:   $ 5.00*

Brand:     $20.00*

Advantage90 ® Retail Pharmacy (long – term medications):

90-day supply

Generic:   $ 12.50*

Brand:     $50.00*

*For drugs covered by the Union Health Service Formulary. For drugs not covered by the Union Health Service Formulary, you will pay 100% of the copay based on a discounted amount. If the drug is not covered under the plan, it will be excluded.

When you use a participating retail pharmacy, you may receive generic substitutes whenever available and allowable.

Under your benefit plan, whenever a brand-name drug is dispensed when a generic substitute is available and allowable, you will be responsible for the brand copayment plus the difference between the brand and generic price of each drug.

For a list of covered medications you can view the Formulary as well as participating pharmacies at

To replace a lost pharmacy card call UHS Member Services Department at (312) 423-4200.

You may also visit the OptumRx web site at or Optum Member Services Hotline at (866) 207-5623.